This is a part of series of posts which will help you develop the capability to tap into collective unconscious or Infinite Intelligence using your subconscious mind.

What is NLP?

NLP refers to Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have been a big fan of NLP ever since I learned NLP. I am able to easily slip into trance, easily let go of negative states and instantly get into positive states. But this is not all about NLP.

These are only by-products of NLP.

NLP is all about modeling excellence. NLP began when two geniuses named Dr. Richard Bandler and Linguistics profession John Grinder were trying to answer one question in therapy context – “What does lead to excellence”.

They observed that some of therapists like Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson and Fritz Perls were manifesting great results while other therapists using the same techniques were failing. So Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder set out to find the answer to the question – “What is the difference that makes the difference in case of excellent people”.

The observed certain conscious and unconscious patterns which were similar in these people. This lead to generation of Meta-Model, Milton Model and many other theories which they collectively called NLP.

NLP has three components:

Neuro– The part refers to our nervous system

Linguistic – Language that we use. Our use of language is influenced by our neurology.

Programming – The behavior/habits that we depict.

Whatever results we are generating are due to the way we are wired (neuro) and our use of language (which depends upon our neurology and at the same time reinforces it) and the strategies (behaviors/habits) we use in our daily life.

As per this theory, it is possible to understand these three components of any (role) model of excellence in any field if we have access to the model or there is sufficient information available about that model.

And with this information we can successfully model the excellence in our lives.

This means that all you need to do is to have access to people who were successful in the field that you are targeting and created riches… and you can also replicate that success.

However you need to go through good NLP training to be able to do this.

What if you don’t have access to a good role model?

Nothing to worry about. Success is a behavior or habit. Have you seen many people are able to manifest success after success. And there are others who manifest failure after failure.

Success is a pattern and it has a pattern.

And fortunately the founders and developers of NLP have already modeled success i.e. the way successful people think, feel, act and generate success after success.

These techniques are taught in most of NLP trainings. The irony is that sometimes the trainers themselves don’t know what different techniques are meant for in larger context. Hence they advertise the NLP trainings in a tone of being able to control yourself and others, which is certainly not true…

Think about it – if it were true would not the world be ruled by NLP Trainers.. LOL!!

Hence this is important to do NLP program from a good place.

What kind of techniques NLP has to offer to communicate with Infinite Intelligence or Collective Unconscious?

The answer is  nothing specific…. Your ability to communicate depends upon the depth of trance you get into… and that comes with practice.

So where NLP can help?

It is difficult to go into creative trance if your brain is clouded or in bad state.

It is difficult to get into trance if you are feeling guilty, angry, sad, regretful or name any other negative emotion..

It is difficult to get into trance if you are hanging in the past…

It is difficult to get into trance if you are worrying about future…

NLP has techniques to help you get out of these states and get into positive state.

NLP also has a useful concept called well-formed outcomes, which helps you to evaluate your goal and make it compelling… you are supposed to proceed only if the goal satisfies these criteria which involves a lot of sensory based input… which means you create vivid images of your goal

You can feed these images to your sub-conscious.

NLP has the concept of sub-modalities which you can use to create vivid and compelling visualizations.

NLP has the concept of Anchoring… which means you can set anchors to get into trance state immediately.

These were few things on top of my mind.

If you are an NLP practitioner, please feel free to add to this list.

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