What is Infinite Intelligence or collective unconscious and what can this do for you?

Have you ever wondered where the hunches or intuition comes from? How do you get premonitions?

Sometimes you are thinking about a distant friend whom you haven’t met for  a long time and suddenly that person calls you or pays a visit. How does this happen?

Before we go into deep explanation let us think about ‘thoughts’…..:)

What are thoughts?

We often tell that thoughts come and go… but where they come from and where they go?

“Just a thought came to my mind ….” — where from??

We are using this terminology since the time that the human race does not remember. How come our ancestors thought about this metaphoric terminology? Were they dumb? What was their thought process???

Why did they consider thoughts as visitors?

Well nominalization is a common form where a verb is converted into a noun… thinking becomes thought, relating becomes relationship etc. So this might be one reason for using such metaphoric language.

Another deep rooted cause could be the spiritual significance. Our ancestors in many parts of the world like India, China and Greek were spiritually much more advanced than we are today..we have chosen to forget/ignore few things in order to favor rational thought .. which is okay because otherwise the science would not have progressed so much…

And now slowly the things are turning around… the more we are discovering about matter and energy the more inclination is being shifted to a higher dimension…

As per some of the ancient beliefs, the thought is a form of energy…

The universe consists of Time, Space, Matter and Energy… Einstein gave the theory that Matter and Energy are interconvertible… that means anything around us is a form of energy…

So we are energy converted into matter … that means everything around us is nothing but energy…

And we are all connected… That means you (matter) and your thoughts (energy) and me (matter) and my thoughts (energy)… the next person (matter) and their thoughts (energy) are all interconnected… and going forward all humanity (matter) and the thoughts of every man and woman(energy) are all interconnected….

These thoughts create a massive field of subtle energy around us which is like a huge mind…. which is referred to as Collective Unconscious. And this mind is composed of the intelligence of all human beings, much more than a single mind is capable of handling.. this is called infinite intelligence…

This field of thought energy is available to all of us… it is all around us. This is from where we get the hunches… cauz the thought might not be in your mind but coming from some other mind…

The hunch is nothing but a thought … a premonition is similarly a thought..

Hunches and premonitions happen all the time to us…

I have met two motorcycle and one car accident till now…which is common in Bangalore and many other parts of India given the road conditions and lack of road sense… even if one is driving carefully one cannot inject that carefulness in other drivers…  And all three times I had a hunch which started few days before the event and told me to drive carefully.

If it were not for that hunch the accidents could have been worse.

This is true for many of the people who meet accidents… and much higher number is able to avoid accidents owing to this faculty… I have been saved many times from making bad decisions all because of unexplainable uneasiness or a hunch that I got ….

One of such incidents was when we went for booking a flat and the builder was offering a loads of benefits of booking flat with him including a piece of plot (land) and we saw hundreds of people booking flats with the builder… That time we (me and my wife) got the feeling that something isn’t right here… and that feeling saved us … few months later a massive scam was unearthed where the marketing agency fled away with the lifetime savings of many people.

This is the Infinite Intelligence, which some may call God at work… taking care of us… saving us … helping us survive..

The task of Infinite Intelligence here might look like to help us survive, which is true… but this is only one of the tasks of the Infinite Intelligence.

The other use is that this source of Infinite Intelligence, which is all around us can be used to Thrive … To succeed and grow rich… To manifest success and riches…

This is possible by training ourselves to tune into the energy field of the Infinite Intelligence.

Human brain functions like a transmitter and receiver.

One can tune this into this to the frequency of the Infinite Intelligence… This is possible through:

  • Powerful emotions like Love, Faith, Sex
  • Music
  • Meditation
  • Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis
  • Creative visualization