Do you know that human mind has huge untapped potential?

Do you know that your mind has a faculty called sub-conscious mind?

Do you know that this part of the mind is 6000 times more powerful than your conscious mind?

Do you know that it is here that all the success and wealth (and failure and poverty) are manifested?

Do you know that you can tap into this huge reservoir of power and potential to manifest anything including success and riches in your life?

Can you imagine what will you be able to achieve if you are able to master this process?

This is an intro article about the subconscious mind for the layman reader.

Human mind has huge potential. It has got two components:

  • Conscious mind
  • Subconscious mind

The conscious mind is 8-12% of the total mind. Rest 88-90% is subconscious mind – a part which most of us are unaware of and hence which lies untapped.

However just because we are unaware of this faculty, it doesn’t mean that it is not effective at all. Whatever results we are generating (or not generating) in life is due to subconscious mind.

Only thing is that you are not in control of these results.

For example all of us want money… isn’t it?

And the truth is that most of us are stuck in middle class despite our efforts. A person may receive a lot of money through his efforts or luck(e.g. lottery winners), but if the subconscious isn’t programmed to accept this money, it will manifest reasons to erode this wealth.

Research has shown that most the lottery winners erode their wealth in less than 5 years and then are back to square one. Same is the fate of many people who win huge sums in the reality shows or who get onto success ladder very fast due to luck.

You can see a lot of celebrities ending in poverty despite the amazing fortunes that they earn during their lifetime.

What makes all this happen? Why does this happen?

The people I am talking about are the ones who are earning several times the income of a middle class person and by the end of the life the middle class person is happier and more stable while these people are filing bankruptcies.

How does this happen? Is wealth bad? Is money the root of all evil? Is it because of money they get into luxuries and addictions?


What is your opinion? [Pause reading for few minutes and reflect upon what could be causing this phenomena].



How could likes of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many others amass a lot of wealth and stay not only wealthy but get wealthier day by day.

The answer is subconscious mind…. the subconscious mind of a mediocre or below isn’t programmed to handle wealth beyond a certain amount.

This programming is in the form of belief system. The mediocre may have many counter productive beliefs about money which are clashing against his wish to retain wealth and let it grow.

How can we reprogram? There are plethora of techniques which work at subconscious mind:

  • Autosuggestion
    • Affirmations
    • Creative Visualization
    • Self-Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis
  • NLP
  • Life Coaching

I would suggest to use one or more the first 3 approaches plus hire a Coach to help you discover beliefs which need to be changed and who can challenge those beliefs. Then you can use other techniques to install new beliefs.

There are many coaches who specialize in one or more of above techniques and can help you get faster results and help you manifest success and riches using your subconscious mind .