Success Principle 1: Taking 100% Responsibility

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The core of Jack Canfield's best seller book The Success Principles, is the principle #1 - Taking 100% responsibility of our lives and experiences. Do you take 100% responsibility of your lives? I believe you do. And then there are some people in this world, who would refuse to take this responsibility. They would keep explaining [...]

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Using NLP to succeed and grow rich

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This is a part of series of posts which will help you develop the capability to tap into collective unconscious or Infinite Intelligence using your subconscious mind. What is NLP? NLP refers to Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have been a big fan of NLP ever since I learned NLP. I am able to easily slip into trance, [...]

Using Infinite Intelligence or Collective Unconscious to Succeed and Grow Rich

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What is Infinite Intelligence or collective unconscious and what can this do for you? Have you ever wondered where the hunches or intuition comes from? How do you get premonitions? Sometimes you are thinking about a distant friend whom you haven't met for  a long time and suddenly that person calls you or pays a [...]

Manifest success and riches using your subconscious mind

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Do you know that human mind has huge untapped potential? Do you know that your mind has a faculty called sub-conscious mind? Do you know that this part of the mind is 6000 times more powerful than your conscious mind? Do you know that it is here that all the success and wealth (and failure [...]

Creating the life you want using Law of Attraction

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This is a spontaneous post, based upon years of learning that I went through since my childhood. I am a small town guy who made it to metro city through some "fortunate coincidences". If it were not for these fortunate coincidences, I would have been probably ploughing fields in a remote village of India or working [...]